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Cambodia work permits, the options
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Cambodia work permits, the options

Cambodia work permits, the options

If you are visiting Cambodia with the intent of working in the country, there are several pieces of documentation you will need to allow you to work legally. There are plenty of articles giving you up to date information on business visas so we are concentrating on the work permits. This, along with your business visa and proof of employment, make up the 3 documents you need to work in Cambodia.

A little known fact about Cambodian work permits is that they also double as a form of ID, so you don’t have to carry your precious passport around with you and risk losing it or having it stolen. There are two types of work permits for Cambodia; temporary and permanent, What your business is and how long you intend to stay determines which one you should apply for and the temporary permits must be renewed on an annual basis and the application posted 3 months before the old one expires.

Temporary work permits for foreigners wanting to work in Cambodia are issued to the following;

# Management and staff specialists

# Skilled workers

#Technical staff

# Service and other labour providers

The application process is as follows;

# You get your application forms from the Ministry of Interior and return them to the same place once completed. Please note that you can hand in both initial and renewal applications to the local police station and they will forward them on for you. As well as the 3 completed sets of application forms you must include the following;

# Your passport and business visa

# Three 4×6 photos taken from the front without glasses or a hat

# A health certificate from a doctor

# Your written work contract

#Your insurance policy issued by either your employer or private insurance company

# The fees for your temporary work permit

Those wanting a permanent work permit have to fit into the following categories;

#Foreign immigrants who have been recognised as such by the Minister Interior

# Foreign investors their spouses and dependants who have been duly recognised as such by the Council for The Development of Cambodia.

There is less documentation to send back to the Ministry of Interior for a permanent work permit as along with your completed application form, fee and 3 photos as above you only need to send;

# A photocopy of the document which recognises you as a foreign investor or immigrant

# A certified statement from any bank within in Cambodia that verifies a bank deposit of an amount defined by the Anukret. This is Cambodia’s security and change commission and any bank will be able to advise you on the amount of deposit needed.

It is worth noting that nobody under the age of 18 can obtain their own work permit so make sure if you have a young person with you who intends working they must be registered on their parents or guardians application.

Your temporary work permit will not exceed past the date shown on your business visa so watch those dates to make sure you are still covered as there are different rules for business visa renewal. If you have applied for a permanent work permit then your first one will be 2 months and then renewed on a bi-annual basis after that. The application must be placed 3 months before the expiry date for both visas and these can be handed into your local police station.

If you should be unlucky enough to lose your work permit then you must report it immediately to the police in the municipality or province where you live and apply for a duplicate. They will give you a receipt of your application for a duplicate and forward the form to the Ministry of Interior.

Those who continue working after their visa or work permit has expired are committing an offence and should be prepared to accept the consequences of their actions. Anyone who applies for a work permit extension, or a duplicate, are liable to pay the taxes which are defined by the Anukret.

If you change address while working in Cambodia you must report the move to the Foreigner office at the local police station before you move. After you have moved, you have 48 hours to receive a work permit showing your new address, so the earlier you report your impending move the better.

There are a few reasons why you may have your work permit revoked and these are defined as;

# Non compliance of the immigration laws

# Non compliance of the general laws of Cambodia

#Reasons of national interest or security

# Acting in a manner contrary to public order.

It is worthwhile asking your employer to define these for the particular area you live in as you cannot be too careful with the laws in other countries when you are working there.






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