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in Career Guide - 09 Nov, 2013
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In contrast to neighbouring Thailand, westerners do not get a free tourist visa when they arrive in Cambodia. When it comes to business visas however, Cambodia is one of the easiest countries to acquire one and the purpose of this article is to guide anyone who wants a Cambodia business visa through the process. Do […]

in Career Guide - 27 Oct, 2013
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The United Nations Secretariat is headed by a Secretary-General (Mr. Ban Ki-Moon is holding this position since 2007). It carries out day to day work of the Organization, in simple term, it provides operational support to the UN. A wide range of jobs across functional groups are available, most notably focus on either substantive group or […]

in Career Guide - 05 Aug, 2012
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As an entrepreneur, your most important job, other than running your company of course, is going to be meeting new people so that you can create a network around yourself of people who can help you to succeed. Remember that often in life, the old axiom about how it’s not what you know but who […]

in Career Guide - 02 Aug, 2012
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Probably the single most important lesson for any entrepreneur is that nobody knows yet who you are. Unless you have a personal brand name that you built with another company and are now trying to repeat your success, you are an utter and complete unknown to the vast, wide world to whom you wish to […]

in Career Guide - 26 Jul, 2012
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Even though you are likely to be doing a great deal of business online, you may also be spending a significant amount of time meeting with actual customers in person. In this case, it’s important that you learn how to use body language to effectively communicate with your customers and to ensure that they will […]