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            we can easily see that there are different scenery in different places all over the world .


            World Convention Convention and and Exhibition Exhibition Center Center World World Convention and Exhibition Center The world's fashion fashion capital capital The world's The world's fashion capital The world's historical and cultural cultural city city The world's historical The world's historical and cultural city and Opera world holy sites Opera world world holy holy sites sites Opera 约定终生—— The world's art capital The world's art capital World Soccer City The world's art capital 米兰 World Soccer City World Soccer City

            世界会展中心 世界时尚之都 世界历史文化名城 歌剧圣地 世界艺术之都 世界足球城

            The Austrian capital of Vienna,is a city forever implanted into the international imagination as a dreamy place of cream-filled pastries(奶油馅饼) and angelic choir boys

            “A church and a street”, it’s the essence of this city □

            Amsterdam is one of the most important commercial centers in Europe.

            Provence -------------a Purple country

            If you are going to Europe, you might consider takingsome time to visit Provence. Whether you are interested in beautiful places, ancient history, good food and wine, or musicand theater, Provence has something to offer even the pickiest traveler. (即使是最挑剔的游客,普罗旺斯都能呈献给你最好的东西)

            beautiful places
            Most towns(城镇) and villages are quietly attractive and historic 。

            It is picture-perfect with its green hills, olive trees, and old towns with pretty houses. Here, visitors can find forests, colorful flowers, horses, and warm people with ready smiles



            Surrounding Mediterranean Sea's proletariat prosperous Si seacoast, is called Rieve Ye to pull the (Riviera),1887 year poet to praiseitby `name of the deep blue seacoast'.Starts from the 18th century, is the emperor's family aristocrat, the rich Jia celebrities most fashionable takes vacation the Holy Land, they gather enjoy the warm sunlight, the air and the wasteful, the ostentatious life nearby the beach, this kind of state and the fame continue continuously today.

            Proven?al, was important in medieval literature, and Provence's Romanesque architecture was an outstanding cultural achievement of the Middle Ages.(在中世纪文学中非常重要,它 的罗马式建筑是中世纪的杰出成就) and it has many historic buildings

            The Food

            coupled with the de - Provence in the sun shines whisk this feature makes Provence became gourmands heaven.(美食者的天堂)


            ? In Provence ,the most famous decorated flowers are lavender (薰衣草)and sunflower (向日葵)

            ? Today Provence is a territory of sunlight, calmness and splendour, Provence to arouse all the senses. The smell of lavender, the delicious wines and its wonderful climate, makes the Provence a wonderful place to live.

            Rome is the capital and the largest city of Italy, which is located in the Tiber River plain.It is Italian politics,history,culture and transportation center.And it is also the splendid culture of ancient Rome and the birthplace of the world.It is a treasure house of art,culture city,and also the seat of the Roman Catholic Church.Italy is the most extensive area of Italy,the most populous city,and one of the world’s most famous tourist sites.

            The center of the Christian church of Rome, European Catholics and the Vatican papal pilgrimage to the Holy See, located in the Vatican, is the world's largest dome church

            Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano

            Trevi Fountain is a symbol of strength. Romans had a beautiful legend, as long as the fountain from the shoulder with his back to throw a coin over to the pool, there is opportunity to visit Rome. Trevi Fountain

            许愿池是力量的象征。 罗马人有一个美丽的 传说,只要背对喷泉 从肩以上抛一枚硬币 到水池里,就有机会 再次访问罗马。

            Drink champagne(香槟酒) Seafood Platter(海鲜大拼盘) Drink wine(葡萄酒) Entrees(正菜) Mixed Vegetable Soup or Macaroni(什锦菜汤或通心粉) Steak, fish,chicken or vegetables, lettuce Fruit, ice cream Desserts and cakes Digestion wine and coffee(消化酒及咖啡)

            Made by:丫猫柒 小莹

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