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Search Engine Optimization an Introduction
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SEO introductionSearch Engine Optimization or SEO is the technique of using keywords and phrases to increase the likelihood that a site will appear higher on a search engine list. This can make it far more likely that a specific website will end up in the higher search results of a specific keyword search, increasing traffic to the site. It is an extremely helpful method of promoting a site, without having to go outside the ‘natural’ or unpaid search results of the search engine. There are many methods of working with SEO.

Getting Indexed

Search engines use what are called ‘crawlers’ in order to find pages for their search results. These crawlers search for keywords, matching a site or page to the proper keyword searches. Crawlers look at a number of factors when crawling a site and not every page is indexed by the search engines. Linking pages through other search engine indexed pages is one way to get a site indexed, since those sites are found automatically. It is also possible to submit sites to be indexed. Getting indexed is the first step to appearing in search engine results. You may want to submit your site to Google Addurl here.

Increasing Visibility

What you want at the end of the day is to have your site appear on the first top three on the first page of the Search Result page. This will dramatically increase your traffic. There are a variety of methods to increase visibility on a search engine using SEO, I wish to name just a few here:

  • Cross Linking: Cross linking is the practice of linking between pages of the same website to one another. It is also call internal linking strategy. This provides more links to the best pages, and can improve visibility on a Search Engine as well as getting other pages indexed faster.
  • Keywords and key phrases: Using specific phrases is an important part of SEO. Search Engine crawlers look for keywords to identify which sites best fit the criteria of a specific search. Including specific keywords in a site that are often used to search for the type of content that matches that site makes a page more relevant to a wide variety of searches and can increase traffic.
  • Update Content: Updating content regularly is a good way to keep Search Engine crawlers on a site. These frequent visits by crawlers can give a site a higher chance of appearing on a specific search due to relevancy of your site.
  • Keywords in the Right Places: Adding keywords to the Title tag and Meta description, as well as other parts of the web page’s Meta data, will tend to improve the site’s likelihood of appearing in a search as well. This is because keywords have entered the most important parts of the page, making it appear far more relevant to the search listings.

SEO is a way to employ many different methods to make a site as searchable as it can be. This increases its visibility and the likelihood that people will find your site and thus increasing the site traffic. There are many different methods to increasing visibility of a site, and when employed, these methods make it easier for a site to be found, keeping a site flush with traffic and working as well as it can.

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