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If you are visiting Cambodia with the intent of working in the country, there are several pieces of documentation you will need to allow you to work legally. There are plenty of articles giving you up to date information on business visas so we are concentrating on the work permits. This, along with your business […]

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In contrast to neighbouring Thailand, westerners do not get a free tourist visa when they arrive in Cambodia. When it comes to business visas however, Cambodia is one of the easiest countries to acquire one and the purpose of this article is to guide anyone who wants a Cambodia business visa through the process. Do […]

in Finance - 26 May, 2012
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The developed economies are still reeling from damage done to their balance sheets as result of the financial crisis in 2008. They suffer from major headwinds to growth as central banks struggle to stimulate the economy with ultra low interest rates and cheap money through a whole host of strategies such as quantitative easing – […]