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in Uncategorized - 11 Nov, 2013
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If you are visiting Cambodia with the intent of working in the country, there are several pieces of documentation you will need to allow you to work legally. There are plenty of articles giving you up to date information on business visas so we are concentrating on the work permits. This, along with your business […]

in Career Guide - 25 Jul, 2012
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Being an entrepreneur is stressful enough as it is. You have about a million things to do and depending on how much financing you have, you may have to do most things yourself. However there are ways for you to save time as an entrepreneur and to spend more time building your business up instead […]

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Being an entrepreneur means being the sort of person who spends his or her time doing a bit of everything for your business. It means sweating the small stuff as well as seeing the big picture because often, it’s all on you whether your business succeeds or fails. However, there are five overarching principles which […]

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When you get right down to it, there are two basic ways to make money on the Internet or for that matter in life itself. Either you sell a product you create, or you sell a product someone else creates (i.e. you become a “middle man.”). And this really does extend to almost everything in […]

in Finance - 06 Jun, 2012
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One of the hottest ways to build a new business, especially in emerging markets like Cambodia is to use micro financing. In essence, the idea is that instead of borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars to start a business, you borrow mere hundreds of dollars and build a business that way. Here’s what you need […]